Following the submission of the outline planning application, the councils as landowners continued to engage with statutory consultees and the public to inform the proposals for Manydown.

Public comments – and how they have informed the application

Residents, community groups and statutory consultees were able to submit comments on the outline planning application during four formal periods of consultation by the borough council as local planning authority in March 2017, July 2018, January 2019 and December 2019.

In addition, residents and community groups have been able to submit comments on the outline application directly to the project team through a dedicated Freephone line and email address.

The majority of comments received during both formal consultation and through the direct feedback channels have focused on:

  • the proposed banning of right-hand turns into Rooksdown Lane from the A339, which was revised in a further update to the application
  • the original A339 roundabout design, which was revised to a double roundabout option
  • traffic concerns and rat-running through residential roads, which has informed the development and evolution of proposed highway and movement improvements.
  • the inclusion of a Gypsy and Traveller site. In response, key principles and an illustrative example of a site layout was publicised by the project team.

Other public comments focused on air pollution, pressure on infrastructure, construction traffic impacts, cycling proposals, visual impact, light pollution, HGV traffic, scale and density, sewerage provision, parking provision, impacts on heritage, and environmental concerns.

The Statement of Community Involvement, along with subsequent updates, includes a summary of comments submitted during consultation periods and responses to key issues.

The document can be viewed on the borough council’s planning webpages at