Combining the best features from Hampshire villages and towns, with contemporary sustainable design, the vision’s key elements include:

  • creating new attractive, sustainable and connected settlements that fit in well with existing neighbouring communities and will provide everyone with better amenities
  • locating homes within a five-minute walk of convenience shops, bus stops and other local services
  • a wide range of housing types, both private and affordable, including apartments, townhouses, semi-detached and detached houses, and even ‘self-build’ plots
  • building homes to modern environmental standards, with an emphasis on energy and water conservation.
  • integrating important existing landscape features, such as the woodland around Worting village
  • a wide range of green spaces – from a large country park, to urban squares and parks, allotments, gardens, green roofs and balconies.
  • more public services – including doctors’ surgeries, community centres and schools – and opportunities to work within Manydown.

For more detail download our vision document

“Both councils are committed to Manydown for the long term and wish to ensure a successful new community grows up founded on well planned, energy efficient homes that are built to last.”
Cllr John Izett