We aim to achieve the following objectives:

  • the quality of place and development delivered and the choice and opportunities it provides, both for its residents and those from the wider town and county communities, is seen to be excellent;
  • the provision of a wide range of housing tenures, prices, types and styles to suit all pockets, age groups and preferences, meeting a range of housing needs and aspirations in a manner that is in accordance with ongoing local planning and housing policies, including affordable housing;
  • the timely provision of physical and social infrastructure such as schools and community facilities, utilities and green and other public open space to support the growing community and reinforce the compelling and distinctive sense of place;
  • excellent connectivity; including broadband, within the new settlement and between it and adjacent communities with ease of access and movement via a variety of transport modes;
  • Manydown, through its identity and character, will respect and integrate well with the communities adjacent to it and seeks to contribute to potential future regenerative benefits that can be created in those communities;
  • to become a place that excels in its environmental quality and performance, helping people to live well and healthily, enjoy their surroundings to the full and make choices that support long term sustainability;
  • in addition to the foregoing objectives, maximise financial returns to be reinvested in accordance with the joint promoter’s statutory duties to benefit the public either directly in the Manydown project or in other activities undertaken by the councils. This would include a blended form of short and long term capital receipts through participation in the development of the project as well as on-going revenue receipts from assets that are income generative and which can as far as possible capture future uplift in land values.