With a public-private partnership now taking forward the delivery of the new community on the northern part of Manydown, the councils are considering how their land to the south, on which they also hold a long lease, could be brought forward over the next 30 years to continue to address housing affordability and access to jobs.

Taking a comprehensive approach to planning infrastructure and developing sustainable net zero carbon communities, the councils are working alongside The Society of Merchant Venturers as an adjacent landowner.

Both landowners are putting forward their land for allocation in the updated Local Plan as development sites with homes, employment and key infrastructure.

Map showing the location of the combined Southern Manydown landholdings on the western edge of Basingstoke. The combined landholdings comprise the south Manydown land being promoted by the two councils and the adjacent landholding being promoted by the Society of Merchant Venturers.


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For more information on the ongoing process by the local planning authority to update its Local Plan, visit the borough council’s Local Plan development webpages.

The land to the south of the councils’ Manydown land is owned by charitable foundation St Monica Trust, which has appointed the Society of Merchant Venturers as its trustee to promote the land for development.

For more information, visit the website for The Society of Merchant Venturers.